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Angels Live Wallpaper

Angels Live Wallpaper
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Angels Live Wallpaper

Do you believe in angels? Do you believe in angel vs devil fight? Do you have your own personal guarding angel who is always with you and who helps you stay on the right path? If so, here is a special collection of “religious wallpapers” for you! Angels Live Wallpaper contains ten magical “fantasy backgrounds” which will bring you off your feet! Download these “cute wallpapers” today and let angels protect you wherever you are !

❤ Wide choice of phenomenal angels live wallpapers!
❤ Excellent 3D parallax effect!
❤ Beautiful HD graphics and open GL!
❤ Animated particles floating on the screen!
❤ Choose the speed, number and type of particles!
❤ Social share button!
❤ Optimized battery usage!
❤ Compatible with 99% mobile phones and tablet devices!
❤ The wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this fantasy live wallpaper will not drain your battery.
❤ Angels Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazing on both mobile phones and tablet devices!
❤ New fairy tale wallpapers are added daily – collect all of them!
❤ This beautiful, free and enjoyable angels background is waiting for you!

Welcome to Heaven where Angels of God spend their days. We have created a collection of cute “wallpapers for girls” and “wallpapers for boys” which will remind you of the fact that we all have a guardian angel who protects us. If you are religious, these “religious live wallpapers” will strengthen your faith and remind you that the good Lord and his angels are always watching with their “angel eyes” while clapping their “angel wings”. This angelic theme presents angels in the sky and dark angels who are very beautiful. “Girl angels” will bring elegance to your phone screen or tablet and you will feel awesome every time you look at these angels and fairies. Download “Angels Live Wallpaper” and let the fun begin.

No matter if you’re Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, you will love these “angels wallpapers”! The collection of these “fantasy wallpapers” will show you that in the eternal fight of good and evil, good always wins in the end. Although angels and demons are imaginary creatures, they have human characteristics. They are in these “cute backgrounds” to remind you that you should always look at the bright side of life and that you should look for the good in people. There are angels walking among us and they are in the form of people with pure, innocent soul. Angel live wallpaper free contains religious images and cute pictures of these divine creatures. They can also be great romantic backgrounds that you can share with your friends. If you’re interested in abstract art, these abstract wallpapers are the right choice for you. Download Angels Live Wallpaper and may the angels be with you!

Fairy tale live wallpapers and cute backgrounds especially for you! Let the angel halo guide your way with these angel pictures. Beautiful wallpapers with religious backgrounds are perfect for all of you who believe in God and who believe that sharing love is the point of life. Cute live wallpapers with beautiful angel girls will beautify your phone and bring joy to your life. If you adore fairy tale backgrounds, download Angels Live Wallpaper now and start celebrating angelic power! “Angels Wallpaper”!

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