Wifi Booster – Wifi enhancer APK

Wifi Booster – Wifi enhancer APK
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Wifi Booster – Wifi enhancer APK

Wifi Booster – Wifi enhancer APK

Wifi Booster is the best app for the analyzer and boosts your connection speed. After you faucet on a network, WLAN analyzer can examine even a lot of details regarding it! The strength of the network signal is shown in simply legible circle progress, titled with a share price of strength. very well scan of the wireless network, you’ll be able toadditionally see signal strength in decibel-milliwatts (dBm). There is additionally a signals chart, that helps you to examine all signal strengths in one read. If you would like to investigate some of them, you’ll be able to hide the unwanted networks with the button below the chart. Chart additionally supports user interaction, therefore you’ll be able to simply zoom in or out and move across the chart’s axis.


Adjust channel WiFi connection faster wireless Internet.
DNS Cache cleaning for increased Internet speed.
Optimization 3G/4G/Wifi connections.
Improved pre-buffering video on YouTube or other video sites like Vimeo, Netflix, DailyMotion etc.
Reduce the total system memory.
Depending on the phone, it will improve signal reception.
No need root required.

Wifi Manager easy connects automatically detects analyzer and wifi connect to free, public or not properly secured finder Wi-Fi networks with repeater internet access.

Provides fix IP address and graphs for Link Speed Signal Strength of your analyzer Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Wi-Fi connection FREE Android app that can help find anywhere
easy connect and manage your hotspot WiFi connect VPN around you.

The application would meet user expectations as a basic WiFI connect extender Scanner analyzer with no unlocker additional explorer hardware required.

– Anywhere Scan your wireless network for available repeater access points.
– Send to more than one device at the same time.
– Android all version and Mobile Tablet support.
– Wlan and scanner Signal Strength with a detailed list of available.
– Analyze function: DNS resolving, overlapping, latency, signal power and so on.
– Recommends you best channel for new signal AP.
– Manual add signal, with special support for EAP/leap unlocker encrypted password.
– Add/Connect to certain hidden SSID finder network (depends on device and network conditions).

Additional Information: 

Name: Wifi Booster- Wifi Enchancer.

Package: com.wifibooster.wifianalyzer


Size: 5.37 MB

Developed By: Tristana Team

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